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Get to know the many different kinds of locks and how they can help you improve your home’s security level. From padlocks to deadbolts, we have all the information for you here. We also offer answers to more tough questions like how to maintain locks to extend their life.

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Discover what type of lock is good for your exterior proximities by checking out this page of frequently asked questions as well as their corresponding answers. From the benefits of hiring a locksmith to knowing the different types of locks, this list will cover everything related to locks.

  • What is the difference between lock change and re-keying? Wrong info

    Lock change involves changing all the locks in your home or office, which would also come with a new set of keys. Re-keying on the other hand only replaces the original keys with new ones that are made to work with your existing locks.

  • What can I do if my lock is difficult to turn?

    According to our experts, you can use light penetrating oil, which is available in every local hardware shop. Spray the oil into the hole of your lock, moving the bolt in and out so the oil could get in. If problem persists, it’s time to get professional help.

  • I noticed that our door latch is not operating smoothly. What must I do?

    First, check if the latch bolt on the door is properly lined up with the strike plate on your door’s jamb. If it is not, this can be corrected by making some minor latch adjustments as per the suggestion of our expert professionals in Locksmith Hounslow.

  • What should I do if my door does not remain closed when I close it?

    There are two common reasons why your door does not remain closed. The first thing to do is check is your door’s strike plate. Check if it is properly aligned. If not, adjust it. The second thing is to check the door’s strike. If it is getting stuck, it is time to lubricate it.

  • What is wrong if our door’s strike does not hit the centre of the strike plate but the plate’s lower portion?

    Our experts in Locksmith Hounslow explain this usually happens when a door is sagging. To confirm, check your door’s margin. If the top of the door is closer to your door’s jamb on the door’s strike side, the door is sagging.

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