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Who isn't interested to find out more about ways to increase home and office security? The following tips are exactly what you are looking for in terms of quality, content, and guidance! Straight to the point and smart! You will love every single one of them


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  • Do not attempt to break the ice inside a frozen lock

    The experts of our locksmith company in Hounslow recommend against the insertion of sharp tools inside the keyhole. You must apply some alcohol and then some graphite lubricant inside the keyhole and on the face of the lock. Then you need to rub alcohol onto the key blade and insert it gently.

  • Evaluate safes on the basis of two major criteria

    The first one is resistance to break-in. Pay attention to the number of bolts, the design of the locking mechanism and the make of the door. The second one is fire resistance. You should check how long the content will be protected for given the temperature which the safe is exposed to.

  • Use only UPVC door locks with snapping protection

    Practically all UPVC doors use locks with Euro profile cylinder. The traditional devices of this type can get quickly snapped by intruders. That is why manufacturers have introduced Euro cylinder locks which are resistant to snapping. If the device which on your door does not have this functionality, the professionals of Locksmith Hounslow recommend its immediate replacement.

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